Srikoreka has a state of the art food processing facility to produce Urid Dhall one of our premium products demanded by many in the peninsular region. With a production capacity of 2.3 million tonnes per annum the company is able to produce more provided the demand. Strict health and safety methods are employed to make sure the product reaches the customer in the safest and freshest condition.

FP_uridTalking about the processing method, a considerate amount of time and money has been invested at arriving at the best and cost efficient method to produce the best Urid Dhall available in the market. The pulses are processed and packaged in various sizes which cater for the whole sale market and the cash and carry stores.

Traceability being a very important factor with a consumable product, Srikoreka has introduced the batch production method in the production facility. In case any product is found to be unsatisfactory by the customer, using the unique Identification Number for each packet makes it easier to be traced out and any problems could be rectified rest assuring that one such incident has never occurred with the company.

Food grains grown in the fields are grown with the help of nourishments like fertilizers and pesticides. FP_friedHence once they are mature enough for harvesting, the farmers take less initiative to clear them out. The method used at Srikoreka is specifically designed to remove any traces of chemical or pesticides present on the pulse. The quality and assurance section at Srikoreka will make sure that any of the products leaving the facility is fit for edible purposes.

FP_matpeHaving given almost all the details about the process involved at the Srikoreka, we believe that we are never perfect and choose to continuously improve our process and production method to deliver you the best and healthy food product.