Sri Korakkar Agro Products Sdn. Bhd. was established in the year 2010 and is a privately owned company based in Klang, Malaysia.

Sri Korakkar Agro Products Sdn Bhd, is an established food processing & trading company in Malaysia specialising in agricultural commodities, spices, herbs and other food products.

From our humble beginning in 2010, Sri Korakkar Agro Products started as a manufacturing company to process, pack, and distribute urid dhal and sesame oil throughout Malaysia and ASEAN region.

  • Urid Dhal and Sesame Oil was traded under the brand “KOREKA”.
  • “KOREKA” is a registered trademark of Sri Korakkar Agro Products Sdn Bhd
  • Quality Products, Reasonable Pricing, and Friendly Service.
  • Within 3 years “KOREKA” Brand has made a stand in the market
  • Initiated other products such as Asofoetida, Mango Pulp, Fried Grams, Mahua Oil, Neem Oil and Castor Oil under the brand Koreka.

By 2017, we started manufacturing wide range of round papadums (appalam) and papadum chips (vettu appalam). We make sure that quality and hygienic ways of making the papadums are the key to succeed in the market place and this values are strictly practised in the entire manufacturing chain.

Besides manufacturing, we also source highest quality food products from India to serve a diverse range of customers in the domestic market. To ensure that products from India are of highest quality, we have floated our own office in India to ensure food products sourced have gone through strict quality control before being exported.

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